Health & Safety

Health & Safety


At JPS Plumbing & Gas Ltd, we work on a variety of jobs ranging from generic plumbing, complete heating systems, mechanical plumbing and full air conditioning works. The health and safety of our staff and everyone affected by our work is the first priority when considering any project.

We have worked hard to cultivate a culture throughout the business to ensure safe working practices are at the core of everything we do and ensure that we meet all of our obligations outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Risk Assessment

Prior to starting any project. One of our competent supervisors or managers will complete a full risk assessment. All potential hazards are taken into consideration with consideration made as to which comprehensive control measures we can implement to reduce the risks to the lowest level possible. These measures will be based one the hierarchy of controls.


JPS Plumbing and Gas Ltd - Health & Safety


This will ensure that where possible we will completely eliminate the hazard but when this is not possible our controls will reduce the risk to the lowest possible level with the collective controls that protect everyone taking priority.

Our safe methods of working have been carefully considered and implemented through training to ensure our staff understand the importance of following the correct methods to protect themselves and others around them. We constantly monitor these working practices and adapt them if we find a safer option.

We always ensure that access methods are considered and often use MEWP’s (mobile elevated working platforms) for working at height reducing the risks.

In addition to these collective controls our staff always wear the correct PPE (personal Protective Equipment).

Maintaining our high standards is essential in our business and we regularly provide our staff with up to date training, tool box talks and site inductions. In addition to this we have a health and safety consultant who assists us with our assessments and keeping us up to date with current legislation.


Health and Safety Policy Statement

JPS Plumbing & Gas Ltd are committed to providing and maintaining a working environment that ensures the health and safety of our employees, customers, contractors and visitors. We will endeavour to prevent accidents and illness by working to processes that ensure Health and Safety considerations are at the heart of everything we do.

JPS Plumbing & Gas Ltd recognises that the talent and energy of the men and women, who work for us, are our most valuable assets. Everyone who works at JPS Plumbing & Gas Ltd is encouraged to actively take part in and support this policy. The support of our employees is necessary to achieve the objectives of the Policy and it is made clear that Health and Safety is a responsibility of equal standing with all other responsibilities.

The overall responsibility for Health and Safety lies with the Directors of JPS Plumbing & Gas Ltd. We will keep all personnel advised as to their responsibilities and those of the Company, in respect to health and safety matters.

JPS Plumbing & Gas Ltd recognises and accepts its responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work Etc Act 1974 and the Regulations which affect its activities. In order to fulfil our obligations JPS Plumbing & Gas Ltd will:


  • Provide the necessary information, instruction, training, and supervision to ensure the Health and Safety of its employees and others.
  • Ensure all staff are competent and have the relevant qualifications to complete their task safely and within the Gas Safe regulations.
  • Provide and maintain plant and equipment with systems that are safe and without risk to health, a safe place of work and a safe system of work.
  • "So far as reasonably practicable" ensure that they will provide satisfactory financial resources and support needed to meet these objectives and the systems that are in place.
  • Ensure that effective planning, control, and monitoring of all sites are maintained.
  • Identify substances that are potentially hazardous to health and make sure arrangements are made to control the risks they pose.
  • Make sure we have effective arrangements in place to record injuries and monitor and causes of such injuries. We will then look at our safe systems of work and implement changes to reduce the likelihood of accidents and also reduce the effects of any incidents that could result in injury, ill health, or damage to the environment.


The Directors and employees at JPS Plumbing & Gas Ltd will strive to improve the health and safety culture throughout the Company at all levels.

This policy will be subject of an annual review by JPS Plumbing & Gas Ltd to ensure its continued effectiveness.


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